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neatly stacked wooden planks on pallets

Empowering Forest Products Manufacturing

Your Control System Solution Partner


Automated Control Solutions (ACS) is a Systems Integration company based in Hot Springs, Arkansas since 2005. We provide control system hardware, programming, installation support and service support primarily for the manufacturing and packaging sector of the forest products industry.

Partners Shelby Johnson and Ben Goodwin each have over 20 years of industry experience, beginning as field installation and service support employees for two of the industry's top equipment providers.
As Automated Control Solutions, we work both directly for our customers and along side the major equipment, optimization and construction companies in our industry in North America to provide team-based solutions to best serve the demands of the end-user's process.

Our mission is to provide custom-designed, high-quality equipment automation solutions that meet or exceed the client's needs, that are on-time in accordance with the client's schedule, and are as user-friendly to operate and maintain as possible.


ACS can design a solution around your specific needs and requirements. We have experienced staff that can not only make your idea a reality, but also give you suggestions and best practices to ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment.


With decades of experience in the timber and wood processing industry, our team will integrate your new machines into your current processes and can even help upgrade older ones to make them run like new ones again.


We understand that customer support is vital to a good partnership, not only before a project is completed but long after as well. Our business model allows for our customers to easily reach us for help so any urgent issue can be addressed and resolved quickly.



Main Control System

Main Control System

Data Control Box

Data Control Box

Board Sorter

Board Sorter

Custom Light Curtain Frame

Custom Light Curtain

trimmed wood stacked neatly for construction

"We have been fortunate enough to have the support of Shelby Johnson, with ACS Controls on both of our sawmill trimmer, sorter lines. The trimmer line has always been the bottleneck of our primary sawmill, so this will control the output from our sawmill. Shelby, has always been our go to guy to help us maximize the performance of our trimmer sorter line. The ACS support has always been outstanding whether in person or remotely when we may have an issue that needs to be resolved. The most exciting thing with this group is that they will listen to your ideas, and offer suggestions on how to make things better. It is this professional input that might be the greatest service that they have to offer. This is extremely important since they see the success from other applications, and are willing to share those suggestions. ACS is a critical team member to our entire mill, from the green trimmer to the package maker at the planermill."

-Jim Anderson, Charles Ingram Lumber Company

trees going through machine to cut and stack wood
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