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ACS has aligned ourselves with high quality industry partners to provide our customers with a one-stop-shop and resource for any mill project. ACS’ partners have been carefully chosen because they share our customer-first belief, and commitment to providing an outstanding end product that is easy to operate and maintain. These partnerships allow ACS to be competitive in both offering and pricing, and allow us to be more flexible, more customer-focused, and in most cases, allow us to reduce our lead times and installation schedules. ACS is not just an automation company; with these partnerships, we can also help our customers with mechanical equipment, construction, or electrical needs.


Ouachita Mechanical Logo

Ouachita Mechanical 

With over a decade of experience, Ouachita Mechanical, owned and operated by Brad Primm, is a consulting company catering to the timber processing and lumber industry. Our main goal is to design a good product and provide an excellent customer experience. We strive to build strong customer relationships, be fair and honest, and deliver results in a timely manner.

Ouachita Mechanical believes that providing a good product is just not enough. Our focus is transparency, honoring our word, working hard, and ensuring our customers are fully satisfied. We want to be more than just a vendor to our customers; we want to be a long-term partner. – Brad Primm


Southern Forest Products Association logo

Southern Forest Products Association

Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association logo

Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association

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Mississippi Lumber Manufacturers Association

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